Originals season 4 -Freya mikaleson,lesbian?


This is getting weird, I mean WTF is this.
I know the ratings have been down but that doesn't mean,Freya should be made a lesbian for God sake!!!
Don't spoil the show!!!
Why not celibacy?
We're already dealing with Joshua being gay,Why not make Vincent a transgender since they're so desperate for ratings!!
From what we've seen,they're obviously going to turn that "friendship" to something dumb!!
Are they running out of story lines or what.
Although it had been earlier hinted that the show will be having a bisexual werewolf(Keelin)

*Worthy of mention*
-The lady portraying Klaus's kid isn't doing justice to the role at all.
If the originals survives this season I will be shocked!!!
-Why in the world did they decide remove kol?
-I guess it's about time we got some peeps from vampire diaries(I'm not a fan of the show but...)


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