Attack on titan season 2 so far

Honestly I hate anime,but my sis recently started watching some😢.
Nevertheless I still hated it,I decided to give it a try.
The IMDb ratings were pretty neat,that's a good start 😁 yes,I only watch movies or shows with good ratings,I don't have time to waste on garbage,and so should you.


The only problem I have,or I think everyone would have with this show is the smiley face mannequin posing titans.I guess it's the way the creators want the viewers to see it,because whilst a fight is ongoing they just stop and stare they they start moving.

Now let's talk season 2,ymri is a Titan she revealed that recently while trying to protect the scouts from some titans.The walls protecting the humans were made up of titans 😐 ...A bit weird,eren's mum turned to a titan.
Titans now take orders from another creature similar to a titan only that it's got fur and can talk.
What do the Titans want, we still don't know but hopefully it'll we be revealed.


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